Hello and welcome to the Suburban Toolbox! Have a look around, help yourself to some refreshments, put your humor hat on, you’re about to be impressed, like really impressed. Prepare to read one of the great wood and metal themed literary works of the decade.


Since reading is more of a 1995 type of activity, I’ve broken this into more of a cliff notes version for your comfort. If you’re like me, the sooner you’re done reading this, the sooner you can get back to cutting, modifying, and otherwise fabricating your way to something new and exciting.  I kid, I kid. Okay, let’s get through this.

What you should know:


  • I like to partner with people that like the sounds of impact guns, table saws, and the smell of fresh cut lumber.
  • Sometimes I make very boxy, orthogonal, traditional woodshop type projects but most times I prefer to color outside the lines and make something you haven’t seen before.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with wavey patterns


That’s it. Now you know everything about suburbans, toolboxes, and SuburbanToolboxes. Now get back out there and build something that inspires you and maybe someone else.


Please exit to your right, tip the waitstaff, and best of luck on your search for your next epic project. May the fabrication gods bring you great abundance!